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Ribbon Belt, LaLa Shield.  Made in the USA.

Ribbon Belt, LaLa Shield. Made in the USA.

LaLa says that this belt is like that whale belt she bought at Murray's Toggery on Nantucket a million years ago, but better, because she's on it.   

This belt features:

- Signature ribbon stitched on cotton webbing

- 1 3/8" wide

- Classic nickel-plated D-ring closure


Small -- fits waists 24 - 26

Medium - fits waists 26 - 30

Large - fits waists 30 - 34

Extra-Large - fits waists 34 - 40

Extra-Extra Large - fits waist 40 - 44


Cleaning instructions:

You don't.  

The more lived-in it gets, the cooler it becomes.

And, one day, you'll pull it out and say, "I got this belt way back in 2016, and can you believe it still fits me?!?", even if it doesn't.