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 All Cotton Women's Pajama Set, LaLa Shield.  Made in the USA.

All Cotton Women's Pajama Set, LaLa Shield. Made in the USA.

This pajama set features the patented “LaLa shield” fabric, which gives its wearers secret super powers.

They are so secret, you won't even know you have them.

These pajamas feature:

• 100% crisp mid-weight cotton

• Oversized cut, for a relaxed, comfortable fit.  

• Long sleeved top with mother of pearl buttons

• Chest pocket, so you can hide the instruction manuals on how to use your superpowers. 

• Combination elastic waist/drawstring tie for maximum comfort and perfect fit

• Hanging loop 

• A stitched-down front placket for a neater appearance


Care instructions: Cold wash, Tumble dry

The model is my friend and customer Dorian, who has bought several pairs of pajamas.  She is a Chicago-based artist.  He work is exquisite, and I hope it doesn't embarrass her if I say that she has several pieces of art in the permanent collection of Chicago's Art Institute.  

Size Chart:

If you like your pajamas big, slouchy, relaxed, and comfortable, these are going to be your favorite pair, ever.  Order your regular size, but, if you’re in-between sizes, order the smaller of the two.

If you are size: order:

2 - 6 small

8 - 10 medium

12 - 14 large

16 - 18 extra-large