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Soft Sculpture and Matching Painting-- Sleepy-Time LaLa

Soft Sculpture and Matching Painting-- Sleepy-Time LaLa

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Nina Chermak Rosenberg, cut her teeth in the design studios of Polo Ralph Lauren and Alexander Julian Collection in NYC.  She now lives in Louisville, where she’s an award-winning Kentucky Derby hat maker.  

She also makes items like jackets and home goods out of new and vintage fabric.  

I asked her to make a three-dimensional LaLa, and this is the result.

Meet Sleepy Time LaLa, a hand-made soft sculpture, one-of-a-kind three-dimensional art.

• her outfit is made from the same fabric as LaLa Land pajamas

• her pajamas are completely made by hand, and have working abalone buttons 

• she has removable rabbit slippers 

• her eyes are crafted from faceted jet black beads, and she has a winsome, embroidered smile

• her arms, legs, and ears are completely bendable

• she has the softest plush micro fleece exterior, is stuffed with premium Poly-Fil and stands proudly at 22" from toe to ear

Sleepy-Time LaLa comes with a matching 12 x 12 x a 1/2 acrylic painting on premium canvas, wired and ready to hang.


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